House of cards

In a test of my sanity, I decided to make 60 holiday cards this year. My self-imposed deadline is today. When I started last month, I was excited. I had a lot of ideas in mind that I planned to duplicate. As this month began, things were looking dire. I didn’t have even a third of the project complete, and I’d learned that my tolerance for duplication maxed out at six cards. Some cards I found too involved to duplicate, so some family and friends will receive one-of-a-kind creations this year. My creativity still was flowing, though, and with lots of hot chai-tea latte, hours of listening to music on Pandora and hours of watching/listening to the Investigation Discovery channel (I’m an I.D. addict) with a few “Project Runway All Stars” episodes thrown in (ya know, for variety), I made my deadline! Woohoo!



5 thoughts on “House of cards

  1. Congratulations on creating 60 Christmas Cards! Last year I had to create 15 and I was seeing stars already, lol! All the cards are looking really fun and pretty! The card with the snowflake on looks so gorgeous! 🙂

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