Keep it simple, Santa.


There are the standard holiday traditions: decorating the tree, drinking the nog, shopping online on Black Friday … . I have a tradition: craft procrastination. I make 40 cards every year (several designs, multiple copies of each), and I usually assemble the last one at the last minute. I always have fun making them, and I do well under a deadline, so it makes sense that this is my method. As of today, I’m about halfway to my goal. I started last night, none of them are fully assembled and I’ll make a Michaels run later, but it’s only 13 days until Christmas Eve. Pass the nog.

My Santa has a good sense of humor. On the card front is your typical “ho, ho, ho.” Inside is one word: “yo.” A simple, unexpected greeting. This card is really easy to make — perfect for procrastinating crafters. Printed sentiment + window cutouts + dimensional adhesive = let’s make a ton of these.

Here’s what you need:

  • Font: Tonight by Dieter Steffmann
  • Cardstock: plain white and textured red
  • Other: dimensional adhesive, holiday beverage of your choice

Print “HO HO HO” in red on the white cardstock. Trim to a square. Make a square card out of the red cardstock and adhere the “HO HO HO” square to the front. Cut out a square from the red cardstock and make a square window in the center. Adhere over the “HO HO HO” using dimensional adhesive. Make a larger square with a larger window out of the white cardstock, and adhere with two layers of dimensional adhesive.


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