Party animal


What happens when a sloth joins the party? Probably nothing. They only move when they need to, and when they do, they’re slow. Kristen Bell would know; she had a sloth at a party (she loves sloths, apparently).

The inside of this card reads, “you party animal,” and while perusing the mammal options for die-cut designs, I saw this sloth. Who needs to die cut a sloth? I do! With a party hat, please. It’s funny and unexpected — it’s not your common party animal.

Die-cuts: cute sloth by Erin Doran, party hat by Lettering Delights (which I recolored and added to the sloth as a combined print-and-cut design) and bead background by Hero Arts (which I modified to fit a square)

Patterned paper: from the Black Orchid collection by SEI

Font: Café & Brewery

Other: textured grey cardstock, teal and light-green cardstock (Black Orchid), dimensional adhesive


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