When die-cuts attack

What would I do without glitter? It’s sparkly, fun to use (as in, it makes a mess), it adds texture, it glows in the dark …

It must be one of my Halloween creations if it glows in the dark. Case in point: this glow-in-the-dark ghost.

This is the time of year when, after I turn out the lights in my craft space, there’s a glowing orb on the craft table. It’s the bottle of glitter, which always is easy to find!

Indeed, the cardstock city below is under attack by a Purple People Eater sugarcoated in glow-in-the-dark goodness. But this card also displays another fun technique I hadn’t yet tried with my trusty Slice Elite: using a marker tip instead of a blade. Die-cut machines are able to do this with a special tip that replaces the blade, so that the shapes are drawn instead of cut. I used a green tip to make the background of spooky words. It was easy to do, and I really like the result.

I also added one of my Halloween paper designs to the background for more dimension.

Here’s how to make it:

Write or draw “boo,” “night,” “yikes,” “scary” and “goblin” in green marker (you can do this freehand or with a die-cut machine. I used my Making Memories Slice Elite, “Toil and Trouble” design card and green drawing tip from the Primary collection) in a random pattern on white cardstock, repeating the words to cover a 4 1/4-inch-square area. Each word should be 2 inches wide.

Create a 3-inch-high die-cut of a monster (also made with the Slice and “Toil and Trouble” design card) in purple cardstock.

Cover the die-cut in glue, then cover it in glow-in-the-dark glitter (mine’s by Martha Stewart Holidays). Allow it to dry.

Create five die-cuts of different types of buildings (I used my Slice and the “Hit the Road” design card), each 2 inches high, in textured black cardstock.

Make a card from a 5-by-10-inch piece of black cardstock. Cut a 5-by-5-inch piece of black-and-white patterned cardstock (I designed a patterned paper using my photo of an alligator tree’s bark), and adhere it to the card’s front. Trim the words piece to 4 1/4 inches square and adhere it, centered, to the patterned piece. Adhere the monster die-cut close to the top-right corner of the words piece. Affix silver-colored reflective rhinestones (such as from the Tweet Memories collection by Heidi Grace Designs for Colorbok) to the monster’s eyes. Tie a Halloween-themed, polka-dot ribbon (mine’s by American Crafts) around the card, 3/4 of an inch from the bottom, with the knot next to the right edge of the card.

Using dimensional adhesive, adhere the “cityscape” with the building die-cuts over the words piece, from left edge to right edge, lining up the bottom edges of the die-cuts with the bottom edge of this piece.


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