Color of the year?

I love teal. If you glance at my previous posts, you’ll see that I’ve been using a lot of the color. This card is no exception.

For this card, I used different shades of teal, from light to dark. I could have done this with just about any color because I have a lot of cardstock!

I used my trusty Slice Elite to cut out the same shape multiple times, smaller and smaller. Then, I stacked the negatives of the cutouts, which means I didn’t use the shapes but used what was left behind. Well, just look at the photo below to see what I mean. The tutorial tells you how to do this, step by step.

I love the look, and now that I’ve figured out the process, I’m sure I’ll turn to it again.


One thought on “Color of the year?

  1. Teal is a pretty color. I can see why you like it. đŸ™‚ I love how the stacking looks and gives the card some depth. Great card!

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