Bright and happy

Spring is in full swing, and I’m thinking of colorful cards.

The card below is bold thanks to the bright pop of glittery orange from the embossing powder. I love embossing. It can get messy, with powder getting everywhere (much like glitter does), but the effect is eye-catching.

If you’ve never embossed before, be careful when using the heat gun because it becomes very hot. Don’t let the gun get too close to the paper. Also, don’t keep the heat on the powder for too long. Both can cause the embossing to look “overcooked.” When you turn on the heat gun, hold it upright for several seconds to safely heat it up. When embossing, heat the powder until it is “just done.”

Any stamping ink will work with embossing powders, but I recommend Versamark for its clear color and slow drying time. Although, when embossing in black, black ink will give the embossed image a more intense color.


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